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The characteristics of viscose lining

      Present, most in the production of cloth was used for suits, Europe is the suit of the "home", those exquisite workmanship, craft and how the European suit with lining what does? As the world's best-known supplier of viscose lining, 千赢娱乐手机 company can proudly lining viscose lining has a European market share of 90%! What kind of power created a viscose lining monopoly in the market, claws first, does it mean it has extraordinary properties? This from a viscose lining fabric in comparison with other start with:
      First, strong moisture absorption
      Consumers when buying suits, suit fabric and accessories should be aware of the moisture absorption performance is extremely important, it is important to bring comfortable clothing factors, viscose Li Buqia good with excellent moisture absorption. Viscose Li Buzhuo more of moisture absorption is clearly due to its basic fiber derived pure azure. The following set of data is viscose lining to this strong evidence of superior performance: 21 degrees Celsius in temperature, relative air humidity of 65% of cases, is different in water absorption rate of moisture absorption fabric glance:
Viscose blended 4-5% 11-14%
Jasa polyester 6-7% 0-1% Polyester
       Second, strong Futie nature, including non-painful restriction, does not wrinkle or volume down arch
       In the process of wearing suits, we will find in lining layer and the surface of the fabric sometimes because of static electricity too big "trouble living" not a go, "fur" to separate, even down to collapse a suit secretly drilled bottom swing, looked like to unsightly, unseemly. We see this situation as "obedient" of bad. However, there have been wearing viscose Li Buxi service experience knows that, viscose lining fabric and suit the surface without painful restriction, based on its own does not wrinkle, but not arch down volume, behaved with affixed to a piece of fabric. The excellent "Futie of" would only bring very limited in the ranking in the fabric and the lining between the static. Therefore, the viscose in the electrostatic cloth with very low, also overcome other painful restriction in cloth, paper wrinkling or arch to the wearer the trouble. The temperature was 21 degrees Celsius, relative air humidity of 65% of cases, different level of activity in the electrostatic cloth as follows:
High-low blend of viscose
Jasa polyester fiber high in
      3, smooth very perfect
      Viscose lining has a very smooth surface. Of course, different yarn count, density also has a corresponding fabric of viscose in a different degree of smoothness. Viscose lining for less static, people dressed in viscose lining when there will be no friction resistance, and thus can truly feel it's smooth. Dare to say, pure viscose lining smooth surface and even improve the characteristics of the clothing, the customer Whenever in contact with viscose fabric can feel the smooth feel, subconsciously consider buying.
It must be explained, 千赢娱乐手机 companies do not fully agree with lining must be very, very smooth, too smooth for years to cut and sew cloth brought great trouble, often not so cut and sew straight and orderly. Because of this, we try to use assumptions based approach to viscose lining seems less soft tatami, and slightly skinny. To be good and steam ironing clothes and sewing, the assumed type will naturally and gradually disappear. Even so, it is still not affected viscose lining the surface smoothness of!
      Fourth, significant temperature control
      Viscose lining drawn from all-natural cellulose, thus making viscose lining with inherent breathability. We surprisingly found that when air and surface through the viscose lining fabric for transparent exchange between the interlayer, the surprise will magically form a natural temperature regulation of space, so pleasant climate has always surrounded the body. Should be pointed out that this feature is a science-based, derived from viscose lining in the fact that natural fibers can be detailed and reasonable explanation.
      5, durability
      千赢娱乐手机 viscose lining largely exceeded the industry for the lining durability of relevant standards. People had always thought that the fastness Polyester Jasa commendable, but there Polyester Viscose Sibiyasha 30% higher tenacity, which makes viscose lining polyester lining with Bi Yasha very considerable durability. To 千赢娱乐手机 represented viscose lining viscose lining to withstand all kinds of wear and tear of modern life, effectively support and enhance the life of our clothes.

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