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What is viscose lining?

      千赢娱乐手机 Soho that the present suit most domestic consumers in the role of cloth there is the phenomenon of neglect, 90% of people buy their own suits with little concern about cost a fortune to buy a suit in the end what with the lining. In fact, concerns the materials used in fabric suits the time of purchase how to describe the importance of not going too! The research has shown that, as in viscose lining fabrics, which are more significant chapter in cloth as the suit was an important part of the special effects. So, what is viscose lining it?
      Viscous fiber, also known as artificial silk, viscose filament yarn, which is drawn from natural plant fibers. Wikipedia in the dictionary describes it "glue is made of cellulose by the reaction of alkali-soluble cellulose acetate solution, and then pool made of recycled spinning class regenerated cellulose fiber." Simple to understand this sentence, the viscose fiber material is wood, cotton linter, and bamboo, reed, bagasse, straw and other plant fibers, these carefully selected natural plant into a liquid first, to go through advanced technology treatment, removed impurities and pigment, and then extract the pure natural plant cellulose, stretching through the cluster to form a continuous, thin, white filaments, and then processed and made into textile fiber processing. According to the analysis, viscosity fiber component is carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) composed of its waste in nature under the action of sunlight and water, decomposition of cellulose will slow dissolving, no harm to people and nature . Viscous fiber in the basis of all-natural raw materials, through precision manufacturing process, so that viscose textile, with its distinctive personality and style, often said, sticky fibers enjoy "the nature of cotton, silk quality" is there from this.
      Obviously, viscose lining viscose filament yarn, even as a raw material by the production of textile materials to become slim. For a long time, the domestic use of all polyester suits are basically lining, more and more people realize that the trend should be followed by Europe, with more naturalbeijing massage beijing escort , Avayaenvironmentally friendly products in cloth, so the suit is now on the grades of the brand, starting interwoven with polyester and viscose lining, usually say it is half-half polyester viscose lining. This from a side note, the industry began to consciously use the viscose lining, restricted to price, technology and other non-product factors, now only semi-semi-viscose polyester products.
      So, as we have cotton, silk understanding of the whole process as, 千赢娱乐手机 SOHO firmly believe that PET is a semi-adhesive semi-transitional product, there is no reason not to believe in the near future, the public procurement in the market when the suit would like today to find cotton, silk products, like all loud and said: I want to glue in the whole cloth!

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