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Domestic outdoor textile industry reached 8.0 billion scale

  28 July morning, by the China International Trade Promotion Committee, organized by Nanjing Municipal Government, Nanjing Branch of CCPIT, Germany Friedrichshafen exhibition company, Nanjing International Exhibition Center hosted the 2010 Asia Outdoor Show (AsiaOurdoor) , at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center celebrated its 5th anniversary celebration. Outdoor industry products in recent years, the market continued to grow rapidly, show the scale continues to expand, increasing the number of participating brands, once again attracting industry attention on the outdoor professional market. 5 years of growth to further stabilize the exhibition in Asia, the largest and most professional show the status of outdoor products.
  According to market survey, from 2006 to 2009, industry sales of outdoor products in China has maintained growth of more than 30%, and mainly by the clothing, footwear, backpacks and other main types of outdoor supplies driven. In 2006, sales of outdoor products in China is only 15 billion, while 2009 had reached nearly 50 million, plus other outdoor professional supplies Decathlon supermarkets and outdoor products retail store, the retail data, the total size of the market about 8.0 billion.
  The Asia Outdoor Show, the exhibition scale exceeded 30,000 square meters, an increase of more than 20% in 2009, the first exhibition in 2006 increased by 50%. 321 domestic and foreign exhibitors brands, up 11.5% compared with 2009. 2010, showing a single exhibition booth space to expand, increasing the brand new active trend. In this exhibition of 321 brands in a single business area of 400 square meters of exhibition, marking the greatest in the history. According to exhibition organizer, general manager of the Nanjing International Exhibition Center introduced 5 years, Asia Outdoor Trade Fair in terms of exhibition scale, brand or professional audience participation quantity, have been maintained for more than 15% average annual growth rate, Asia Outdoor Trade Fair in 3 years The time to reach a European scale outdoor exhibition five years, to further stabilize its largest in Asia, most professional show the status of outdoor products, and Salt Lake City with world-renowned outdoor exhibition and the formation of the European Outdoor complementary trend.
  The exhibition of "environmental protection, low-carbon" as the theme, in addition to a comprehensive display of outdoor supplies the latest technology, design and other products, and more colorful supporting activities: Outdoor Industry Forum will attract brands, retailers, media and industry experts gathered 1, of China's outdoor brand development, status of outdoor industry trade and sustainable development the focal topic. In the industry to enhance innovation and promote more environmentally friendly, in-depth, 2010 Asia Outdoor Outdoor Asia will launch the first industrial design awards, seeks to deepen the green, green ideas, for the best original designs on display platform to promote the brand outside of China development from the "Asian" to "Asia to create" change. Outdoors in the dissemination of culture, promote active and healthy lifestyle, fashion and leisure pushing the concept of outdoor sports, this outdoor exhibition also set up outdoor fashion show, outdoor party, rock climbing competition, beijing massage beijing escort activities such as outdoor living experience, so that outdoor sports products fashion show with professional features in the interpretation of the scene was vividly.

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